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Recent Works
Couloir #1 - 3 Blue Geode #1 - 3 Au Courant #1 - 3 Watershed
Mountain Top Halcyon Reef Couloir

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Patricia J Finley Abstract Art

Halcyon - Mixed Media


Abstract.  That simple word covers so very many types, forms and shapes of art.  My art is not “purely” abstract.  Instead, shapes and forms are often vaguely recognizable although obscured.  This allows you, the viewer, to give free play to your imagination; you can choose what to see, what to recognize in each work.  There is one caveat.  The next time you look at that same work, you may see something entirely different.  Woe to those who suggest forms or shapes to a viewer!  Once an artwork has been pronounced as looking like something, it is difficult to unimagine that suggestion. 


I do something a little different.  I paint with colored resin by adding paint, pigment and ink to resin.  I play with the colors and shapes until - Voila! – artwork has been created which is (hopefully) beautiful, stunning or arresting.


If you like my art but don’t see the colors you want or like, please contact me.  Commissions are available for the same price per square inch as the work you see here.


 The thought that my work will grace your walls and add beauty to your life brings me joy. 


I am represented by Artists on Santa Fe Gallery, 747 Santa Fe Drive, Denver, CO 80204, 303-573-5903 and by Xanadu Gallery of Scottsdale, Arizona, via their virtual gallery, Xanadu Studios.  www.XanaduGallery.com/Studios.  



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