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Inferno Clouds Got in My Way White River Volcano
Surf's Up! Azure Night Descends Under the Sea

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Patricia J Finley Abstract Art

Inferno - Mixed Media

My art reflects the joy I take in creating beauty as well as the freedom inherent in the creative process.  I love the process as well as the result of creating.  I go, and thus my art goes, where the process takes me.  Rarely can I “see” the end result.  While I always start a piece with an idea, a concept, a design or a goal in mind, only rarely does the result match my intentions exactly.  This is a result of the qualities of my chosen medium, colored resin, for I create by adding paint and ink to resin and painting with the resulting colored resin.


Creating directly with resin requires a certain flexibility, a carefully cultivated adroitness and a savoir-faire attitude for this fascinating medium rarely does what I had originally expected it to.  Experimentation and the willingness to “fail” are key.


The immediacy of resin and its flowing movement are what make this difficult medium so appealing to me.  I use non-traditional methods of moving the colored resin around on the surface as resin sticks to anything and everything it touches.   From old credit cards to my gloved hands, I use any tool that is readily disposable to manipulate and create.   I seek explore the limits – if any – of colored resin as a painterly medium.


My art is both abstract and abstracted.  Obscured memories and slight landscapes are nearly revealed in some pieces.  In others, no reference to “reality”, whether real or imagined, can be found.  The creation of abstract art suits both my medium and my personality.



If you'd like to watch me in action, take a look at my youtube.com video entitled "Resin Art by Patricia J Finley:




If you like my art but don’t see the colors you want or like, please contact me.  I love to do commissions!


I am represented by Walker Fine Art, 300 11th Ave, #A, Denver, CO 80204, 303-355-8955, http://www.walkerfineart.com.


All images and blog postings are © Patricia J Finley.  






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