Patricia J Finley Abstract Art

Blue Geode - Mixed Media

     Long ago, I escaped the left-brained trial lawyer world in order to pursue my passion to create art.  My goal is to add beauty to the world.  Lofty?  Yes, but if you do not have a goal, you for sure can’t reach that goal.

     My technique is to mix acrylic paint, powder and sometimes ink with resin and create with the resulting colored resin.  Both the joy and the challenge of painting with resin is the fact that the various types of paint react with the resin in unique ways.  The result is free flowing, vibrant and often unexpected.

     My work is both abstract and abstracted from the natural world. In the abstracted pieces, trees are glimpsed; sometimes fully, sometimes only by suggestion.  Flowers are revealed, drifting, floating in a sea of pearlescence.  The natural world is blurred, slightly hidden from direct view. 

     In my purely abstract paintings, no reference to the natural world can be found.  The paintings are simply works of imagination.

     Color is a critical component of my work for it is color that draws the viewer to the painting.  I love juxtaposing colors and mixing shades of colors, all in order to create the perfect atmosphere in the work.  The pearlescent white, which has been a constant since I “discovered” it, works so beautifully to highlight the blue green suggestion of a sea, the navy blue in Midnight, the coppery glow of transparent red iron oxide and, of course, the many shades and variations of red.  Pearlescent also contrasts beautifully with the walnut ink in the most recent Walnut Ink series. 

     It is the challenge of creating a work of art that I love.  I enjoy, nay, revel in creating works that are harmonious in both color and composition; works that I am proud of and that make me smile; works that viewers fall in love with. 

     The thought that my work will grace your walls and add a unique beauty to your life brings me joy. 

I am represented by Artists on Santa Fe Gallery, 747 Santa Fe Drive, Denver, CO 80204, 303-573-5903 and by Xanadu Gallery of Scottsdale, Arizona, via their virtual gallery, Xanadu Studios.